A Concept of Critical Thinking

TitleA Concept of Critical Thinking
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1962
AuthorsEnnis, R. H.
JournalHarvard Educational Review
Date PublishedWinter
KeywordsCritical Thinking, Educational Research, Evaluation Criteria, Evaluation Methods, Induction, Logical Thinking, Reliability
AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to present a dimensional simplification of the concept of "critical thinking" ("the correct assessing of statements") which will provide a basis for research. Three dimensions of critical thinking–logical, criterial, pragmatic–are distinguished, and 12 aspects of critical thinking are identified and elaborated by a discussion of the "dimensional makeup" of each and by lists of criteria to be used in making judgments. It is suggested that these aspects and criteria can be used in developing tests of critical thinking, but that, simultaneously, further experiments in the teaching of critical thinking should be carried out. (LH)